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Luxcore, Ltd., its New York headquarters, Washington/Beltway presence, West Coast affiliate IPRA, and international Alliance Partners lead the practice and technology of business development. Our integrated approach, creative execution, and strengths in experience, judgment, innovation and credibility have been Luxcore's hallmarks since the firm's inception. Luxcore today is business development counsel of choice for governments, long-established corporations, and growing companies in technology, trade and finance.


Credibility: For over twenty-five years, Luxcore has built equity for and managed the reputations of Fortune 500 companies, international governments, global accounting, law and financial services firms, institutions conducting mergers and acquisitions, IPOs and exchange listings, and launching new divisions and products. 


Approach: We execute with substance and depth: all of our actions reinforce the business plan and operational objectives of our clients – we are results-driven and bottom line oriented.


Substance: Luxcore’s principals and affiliate members possess advanced degrees and experience in business, law, finance, technology commercialization, foreign direct investment, economic development and science. Our business development and marketing strategies and tactics address the real-world needs of clients in their competitive markets.


Experience: Luxcore partners with our clients to enhance investment and project an image that builds their business and accomplishes their goals with investors, customers, regulators, affiliates, employees, suppliers, lenders, underwriters and other constituents.


Business Development: Global, Regional, Local



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